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Summer Working Holidays

CNT supports the renewal of Czech cultural heritage. For this purpose, we organize in cooperation with the National Trust of England and with the historic sight owners volunteer work stays and help reveal historical value, restore sights and bring them back to life. Check out our Working Holidays 2019 and come and help us!

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Memorial to Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Marie von Ebner Eschenbach is considered one the most significant literary figures of the 19th century. Following the downfall of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, the German-writing author had practically been forgotten in her homeland. By reconstructing the tomb in her hometown of Zdislavice, CNT wants to draw attention not only to the literary and cultural legacy of this amazing woman. We also want to point out her warm relationship to her Moravian countryside homeland which had been her lifelong inspiration, as well as her exceptional social awareness materializing in her support of talented children and the founding of an almshouse and a nursery for the poor.

Estimated cost

15.225.000 Kč


Transparent account number: 270781337 / 0300

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Chinese Pavilion in Chateau Garden

The Czech National Trust is helping to raise funds for the rescue of the Chinese Pavilion, a romantic folly in the wonderful Chateau Garden in Kromeriz, a World Heritage Site.

Estimated cost

700.000 Kč


Transparent account number: 270472892 / 0300

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Kinetic Light Sculpture by Zdeněk Pešánek

The Czech National Trust has been striving for the restoration of the acclaimed kinetic light sculpture by Zdeněk Pešánek, a Czech avant-garde sculptor and an architect who is considered to be the world’s pioneer of the kinetic art. The Edisonka kinetic light sculpture used to be situated on the marquee of the Edison Transformer Station in Prague (designed by architect František Albert Libra). Many artists, architects and theorists still consider the sculpture to be one of the most impressive ones, and its return to the marquee would be an important and significant event.

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Ládví Geodetic Tower: Reconstruction & Activation

In cooperation with the Neolokator Group, the Czech National Trust has been striving for the reconstruction and activation of the unique geodetic tower situated in one of Prague's districts called Ládví. The tower is one of the nine brick geodetic towers in the Czech Republic which were built in the 1930s. Opening the entire site to the general public and enabling visitors to enjoy not only the unique architectural layout of the tower, but also the splendid view of Prague and its surroundings the tower offers have both been our main goals.

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Tombstone by Stanislav Sucharda

In 2017 the Czech National Trust became involved in a Prague Cemetery Services project which enables the general public to “adopt” eminent tombstones at numerous Prague cemeteries. As part of the project, the CNT adopted the tomb of Marie Dostálová, designed by a famous Czech sculptor Stanislav Sucharda, which can be found at Olšany Cemetery in Prague (located at VI, 10b, 21).

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Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Literary Trail

The surroundings of Zdislavice, a small village and municipality of Kroměříž District in the Zlín Region, are still abundant in the beautiful nature that Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916), a Zdislavice native and one of the most important German-language writers of the latter portion of the 19th century, frequently depicted in her works. It is also one of the reasons why the Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach monument along with her tomb are not only the destination, but also a popular starting point of walks and hikes through the picturesque and poetic nature in the region – a favourite activity of Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach herself.

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The Diamant Passage

The cubist building Diamant, which is located on the corner of Lazarská and Spálená streets in central Prague, was designed by the eminent Czech architect Emil Králíček (1877-1930). A cubist framing of the Saint John of Nepomuk statue, multiple cubist posts as well as a fountain placed in the alcove by the entrance to the Holy Trinity Church behind the Diamant building, were all parts of Králíček’s original project. While the Diamant building itself has been extensively renovated by its current owners, the passage connecting the building and the Holy Trinity Church has sadly been neglected by all parties: the framing of the statue has been heavily damaged and the fountain is in a very poor state and, unfortunately, no longer works.

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Meteorological posts

Meteorological posts are reminiscent of the times gone by, when weather information was not available at the press of a button. Two of the dozens of these posts, which were scattered all over the country have been preserved in Prague, among others. The stone pillars from 1914, used to inform about the pressure and temperature of the air and also gave the exact time, have been preserved at Masaryk Station, in front of the entrance to the main building of the train station, and in Dejvice, on the corner of Vítězné Square with Buzulucká Street.

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Otto Gutfreund’s Sculpture – The Winged Arrow

The Story of the Winged Arrow The Škoda Palace, located in Jungmannova street in Prague 1 and is currently the seat of the Prague Municipality, is an important late Cubist building built between 1925 – 1926. The building was built by Škoda Works manufacturer company. The company chose Pavel Janák, professor at the School of […]

Estimated cost

4.500.000 Kč


Transparent account number: 280495094 / 0300

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Ticket to the New World

Ticket to the New World is a series of exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, talks and a book commemorating the extraordinary individuals of Czechoslovak cultural life forced to leave the country at the beginning of World War II. The title of the project suggests that the US became their second home, where they significantly influenced the cultural scene.

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New Town Fountain

The functionalist fountain next the Dancing House stands unhappy by the Alois Jirasek statue and is slowly withering away. Its revitalization is important not only for the object itself, but mainly for the re-cultivation of the entire surrounding area.

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Kromeriz Music Archive

CNT is raising funds for the music archive. The proceeds will be used for the restoration of George Muffat’s unique Sonata Violino Solo and for the purchase of deacidifying interlays.

Estimated cost

100.000 Kč


Transparent account number: 274955736 / 0300

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