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Meteorological posts are reminiscent of the times gone by, when weather information was not available at the press of a button. Two of the dozens of these posts, which were scattered all over the country have been preserved in Prague, among others. The stone pillars from 1914, used to inform about the pressure and temperature of the air and also gave the exact time, have been preserved at Masaryk Station, in front of the entrance to the main building, and in Dejvice, on the corner of Victory Square with Buzulucká Street. As their function has been replaced by more modern methods and technologies, their use and purpose have disappeared and the posts were battered, covered in graffiti and the display windows obscured. Passers-by did not even have a chance to understand why the column was actually there.

The Czech National Trust was a proud instigator and leader of the restoration process of these two meteorological posts.

Representatives of the Czech National Trust, Prague 1 Municipal District, Penta Real Estates and of Prague’s THMP technology company have unveiled the newly restored meteorological post located in front of the Masaryk Railway Station in Prague on Thursday February 4, 2021. The meteorological post will not only measure the air temperature, humidity, pressure or the exact time, but thanks to a new sophisticated device it will also control traffic at the adjacent intersection of Hybernská and Havlíčkova streets. More information about the restoration process can be found here.

Over 100 years old meteorological post in Dejvice also underwent a reconstruction process lead by the CNT. The surface was sandblasted, cleaned and repaired. The post was connected to the mains electricity supply and the skillful locksmiths created the new metal parts. The most important, however, were the internal instruments – the manometer, hygrometer and thermometer – which provide the correct meteorological values just like they used to function hundred years ago when the kiosk was first put into operation.


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