The Diamant Passage

The cubist building Diamant, which is located on the corner of Lazarská and Spálená streets in central Prague, was designed by the eminent Czech architect Emil Králíček (1877-1930). A cubist framing of the Saint John of Nepomuk statue, multiple cubist posts as well as a fountain placed in the alcove by the entrance to the Holy Trinity Church behind the Diamant building, were all parts of Králíček’s original project. While the Diamant building itself has been extensively renovated by its current owners, the passage connecting the building and the Holy Trinity Church has sadly been neglected by all parties: the framing of the statue has been heavily damaged and the fountain is in a very poor state and, unfortunately, no longer works.

While the Diamant building is a property of the Association of Apartment Owners, the official owner of the passage behind the building is the Prague 1 Municipal Authority. The Association of Apartment Owners has been actively engaged in finding ways to restore this passage: they have even had a project proposition prepared by Petr Keil, a Czech architect, which is based on the original cubist templates and therefore maintains the original architectural intent of Emil Králíček. The Holy Trinity Church Authority have expressed their interest in restoring the passage as well. The repairs of the Saint John of Nepomuk statue will be arranged by the Prague City Gallery, while the Prague City Hall will take care of the cubist framing. The entity to arrange for the reparation of the fountain is yet to be found, as the Prague City Hall’s project unfortunately only includes the cubist framing.

The Czech National Trust would like to support this project, help interconnect all parties involved and assist with the reconstruction of the entire passage area. The plan is to also include a relaxation and seating area and to plant plenty of greenery, to put the fountain into operation and to set up the two remaining cubist posts. The Diamant passage could become a venue for small-scale exhibitions, educational tours focusing on sculptures and for other projects focusing on art in the public space.

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