We welcome a new member of the CNT top team, Amanda Tully

Amanda Tully

Amanda grew up in Denver, Colorado, USA and has Czech ancestors. She fell in love with Moravia while volunteering at the CNT working party on our project in Zdislavice. After she finished her studies she moved to Zlín and offered CNT her help. Amanda earned a BA in Art and History of Architecture from the Metropolitan University of Denver and a Historic Preservation Master from the University of Oregon. Amanda will lead our volunteer activities and will jointly manage our key project of the tomb and chapel of Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach in Zdislavice.  

Her first visit to Europe was a typical college student’s trip, with nothing but a backpack, a two-week timeline, and a plan to see as much as possible. After her visit, she was inspired by the vast history of architecture in the European capitals and this is what pushed her to apply for the master’s program in Oregon. During her master’s studies she again visited Europe, this time to Kroměříž, in cooperation with the Czech National Trust as a work-study experience.

It was during this summer working holiday that she fell in love with Czech history and culture. Her family ancestry also stems from Bohemia, so her connection with this land has deep roots. She quickly decided that her goal would be to move to the Czech Republic and fully experience all it had to offer. She achieved that goal and moved there in 2017. She currently lives in Zlín among the functionalist architecture of Tomáš Baťa.

After getting settled into life in a foreign country, she refocused her attention on involvement with the historic landscape of the Czech Republic and again reached out to CNT. After reconnecting with the organization, she was offered the opportunity to manage and organize the volunteer work at the CNT flagship project on the Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach family tomb. She is motivated and enthusiastic to help carry on the legacy of the organization that helped to bring her halfway around the world.

CNT launches the Staff Exchanges in European Cultural Heritage Trusts Project with the support of the ERASMUS+ Programme

Czech National Trust (CNT) is delighted to announce that the Staff Exchanges in European Cultural Heritage Trusts (SEECHT) Project is going to launch in just two weeks. This unique project will be supported and funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme.

CNT is the main coordinator of the entire project which will launch on December 7, 2020, and which will run for 18 months until June 6, 2022. Partners of the SEECHT Project are various European trusts, namely the International National Trusts Organisation (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Národný Trust n.o. (Slovakia), Herita (Belgium), Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italy) a National Trust for Scotland (Scotland).

The project will start with a kick off meeting in Kroměříž, a town in the Zlín region of the Czech Republic not far from Zdislavice and the Memorial to Marie von Ebner-Eschnebach. The project output sharing meeting, along with the INTO Antwerp Conference Day, are also among the main SEECHT Project activities.

And what are the main goals of the Staff Exchanges in European Cultural Heritage Trusts Project? It offers opportunities for professionals from within the National Trust movement to share their learning and contribute to a more open and welcoming European heritage sector, and delivers a system of secondments for Europe’s future leaders of heritage trusts, offering on-the-job training by shadowing their contemporaries in other European contexts. Having learnt from their neighbouring trusts, participants will deliver projects that broaden access to all segments of the European public, whilst also welcoming members of heritage trusts from other countries as part of the reciprocal visiting programme.




Memorial to Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Photo by Jakub Šnajdr, Source: Meeting Brno

Memorial to Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Photo by Jakub Šnajdr, Source: Meeting Brno


Eva Heyd presents the Ticket to the New World project in a webinar in collaboration with Czech Centre in New York

On Thursday, September 10, a webinar presenting the Ticket to the New World project took place in collaboration with the New York Czech Centre. The project depicts the extraordinary life stories of both internationally renowned and not so famous Czechoslovak artists who were forced to leave their home country at the beginning of the Second World War and ended up settling down in the United States, and their influence on the New World’s art scene. It is a multimedia project which will continue as an eponymous exhibition project in the Bohemian National Hall in New York. The exhibition will open in the fall of 2021.

The webinar was hosted by Marek Hilde and Eva Heyd, the curator of the project and a CNT project manager, while three guests appeared on the webinar as well: Julia Hammid, Véronique Firkušný and Ladislav Zikmund Lender. Julia Hammid and Véronique Firkušný recalled their exceptional fathers – photographer and documentarist Alexander Hammid and piano virtuoso Rudolf Firkušný. Ladislav Zikmund Lender, a Czech architecture historian, talked about the life and career of Jaroslav Polívka, a Czech architect and engineer who cooperated on several projects with the famous Frank Lloyd Wright. The viewers also had the opportunity to watch a short movie produced by the Czech National Trust as part of the webinar.

The webinar recording is available online:

Virtual tour of the castle in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem

Dear friends and supporters of the Czech National Trust,

Even in these difficult times we are trying to continue our work as much as we can and we would like to invite you for a virtual tour of the castle in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem. The Czech National Trust has been supporting the reconstruction of the Rožmitál Castle for quite some time now, which also involves a close cooperation with the local volunteering club Rožmitálský zámek z.s.

We hope that the tour will provide you with a pleasant distraction from the difficult situation we are all faced with at the moment. The tour can be found on our Facebook page here.

We are thinking of you and your loved ones and wish you all good health.

We look forward to seeing you in the better times!

The CNT Team

Meteorological post is up and running!

The more than 100 years old meteorological post in Prague’s Dejvice is up and running! The born-again weather kiosk was ceremonially unveiled on November 11, 2019 and is shining bright and pretty.

The castle in Rožmitál bustles with life

Quite a few things have changed at the Rožmitál castle. And the changes have been surprisingly positive. Find out and take a look at how the castle is coming alive.

The Diamant passage is looking up

If you would have taken a stroll through the Spalena street in Prague lately, you could’ve noticed that the passage way between the cubist Diamant building and the Holy Trinity Church has changed. If you haven’t, you can visit the site at least virtually by reading more and looking at some pictures here.

Charity concerts to save the music archive in Kroměříž

Five charity concerts took place in 2019 at the Kroměříž chateau. The profits from them will be used to restore rare manuscripts from the chateau’s music archive. Keep on reading if you want to find out who performed and what, how much were the proceeds and more.

Terrace reconstruction at our pilot project in Zdislavice

Winter weather has stopped us from finishing the tomb’s terrace but we’re getting there! Despite the delay of the works, we have managed quite a lot. Take a look and find out about all the things we have done and organised.