The proceeds from the CNT public appeal were used to restore rare historical music scores

At the end of  2021 thanks to the ongoing public appeal for funds set up by the CNT, another part of the rare music scores by Mozart, Beethoven, Schmelzer, Biber and other composers could be restored. Audiences attending concerts performed in and around the historic Kromeriz castle made the biggest contribution to this public appeal. The restoration work was carried out by Mrs Jarmila Franková in the Atelier Frank workshop. Musicians from all over the world are now able to request copies of these restored music scores.

More information about the project Kromeriz Music Archive

Rozmital Castle is alive!

Change of registered office

We would like to inform all partners and supporters of the Czech National Trust that on 22nd November 2021 the registered office of the company has changed from Czech National Trust, o.p.s.,

Sněmovní náměstí 2/4, 767 01 Kroměříž to the following address:

Czech National Trust, o.p.s.
Na příkopě 988/31
Staré Město
110 00 Prague 1

Project Erasmus+ for 6 National  Trusts is back on track

Auction of Winged Arrow working sketches

On November 27, 2021, the auction of sketches the “Winged Arrow” will take place in new EXPO 58 art exhibition hall in Prague, the proceeds of which should take the project of returning the sculpture to the Škoda Palace building one step further.

The auction is preceded on 18 November 2021 by the pre-auction exhibition and the CNT social evening in the EXPO 58 pavilion. It will be a great opportunity to meet those interested in supporting this project, with long-term supporters of the CNT and to make new contacts.