Do you have a copy of Ticket to the New World yet?

Extraordinary life stories of both internationally renowned and not so famous Czechoslovak artists who were forced to leave their home country at the beginning of the Second World War and settle in the U.S., and their influence on the New World’s arts scene – these are all outlined in Ticket to the New World.

Shortly before their departure from Czechoslovakia Voskovec and Werich, famous Czechoslovak pioneers of avant-garde theatre, comedians and singers, sent a New Year card to their friends which said: “One can never consider anything to be final, as one never knows what might happen next…”. The card also contained a drawing by Adolf Hoffmeister which showed Voskovec and Werich holding suitcases, and even the famous Ježek’s piano had the shape of a massive suitcase. What were their main concerns as they disembarked Aquitania, a British ocean liner which brought them to New York?

Young Thomas Messer spent six days in a lifeboat in the open sea after his ocean liner was sunk by German torpedoes. He survived and later became the director of Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum for 27 years.

Ticket to the New World portrays the extraordinary life stories of these and eleven other remarkable Czechoslovak émigrés who found their home on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. It is bilingual, pocket-size and contains many photos and humorous illustrations. Apart from treating yourself or your loved ones by buying this book, the purchase of Ticket to the New World is also a great way to support the Czech National Trust and our projects and activities.

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