Ticket to the New World is finally in New York

The new American version of our Ticket to the New World project will be launched on June 14 at the Bohemian National Hall in Mahattan.
After two years of postponements caused by the covid pandemic, an exhibition will open there, featuring the artworks of five artists from our project: architect and designer Ladislav Sutnar, photographer and film maker Alexander Hammid, photographer Bedřich Grünzweig and cartoonists Adolf Hoffmeister and Antonín Pelc.
However, all sixteen personalities featured in the Ticket to the New World project will be represented: in a virtual space! Visitors will be able to retrieve their stories and creative achievements in the USA via QR code.

On the day of the exhibition opening on June 14, there will also be a discussion with the project’s curator Eva Heyd and the publicist and translator Alex Zucker. Eva Heyd will introduce the Czech National Trust and the book accompanying the project, published by the CNT. Guests of the evening include gallerist Nadía Rovder and American historian Majda Kallab Whiteker. The programme is part of the well-known Rehearsal for Truth festival, which is organised by the Václav Havel Library Foundation. The evening will commemorate, among other things, the involvement of Czech artists in the anti-fascist resistance in America and their activities in connection with the Lidice tragedy, the 80th anniversary of which is now being commemorated.

In the space dedicated to Antonín Dvořák, there is an exhibition on the activities of the famous singer Jarmila Novotná (also one of the personalities featured in the Ticket to the New World project), organised in cooperation with the Dvorak American Heritage Association.

Two days later, on 16 June, another evening presenting Ticket to the New World will take place – this time featuring animated films by the world-renowned cartoonist and animator Paul Fierlinger, the only living author of the Ticket project. SVU New York organisation is actively involved in the preparation of this event.

The entire programme was prepared with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. In addition to the above-mentioned American organizations, the Bohemian Benevolent Literary Association also participated in the preparation and support. Thank you!