Kick-off Meeting of the Erasmus+ project Staff Exchanges in European Cultural Heritage Trusts (SEECHT): “Kick-off Meeting” in England

The coordinator, the project managers and some of the exchange participants of this educational programme will gather in mid-June for a kick-off meeting in England to fine-tune the operational and content aspects of the project and to agree on the details of the secondments. This will be the first “live” meeting after two years of postponements. Participants will swop information and experiences, talk about the challenges they face and share their successes in tackling the two topics of the project:

  1. Widening access to heritage sites
  2. Creating a comprehensive selection of accessible heritage sites for European visitors
European project Erasmus+ for 6 National Trusts is back on track

Finally, Covid allowed us to restart the international project of exchange of experts from 6 countries, which CNT coordinates together with INTO.
The program includes fourteen-day secondments of experts, personal meetings of all participants and owners of visiting properties or institutions, and ends in the spring of 2023 with a conference and the publication of a joint report on the way forward for historic properties in the post-Covid era. Delegates from the English and Scottish National Trust (NT) come to the CNT. The CNT sends delegates to the Italian and English NT. The CNT team consists of Jana Schiebertová, Irena Edwards, Eva Hejdová and Míša Babuková.

The programme of the meeting has already been largely agreed and the participants are currently preparing their contributions.