The castle in Rožmitál bustles with life

The castle in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem has undergone quite a transformation. The local civic association Rožmitálský zámek, z.s., which organises the activities on spot, hosted in cooperation with CNT dozens of volunteer working parties, made up of individual helpers or groups from various companies. Part of the castle complex has been transformed into an exhibition space and a theatre hall, enjoying the mains electricity connection as well as working toilet facility. Further works included repairing the bridge and the paving stones at the main gate, clearing out the brewery cellar, cleaning of the courtyard and the landfill near the outer wall. From spring until autumn, the association organised here numerous cultural and community events, exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances.

Simply said, the once closed chateau is alive again! In June, the historical festival celebrating the Queen Joan took place for the first time within the castle. The event is dedicated to the wife of King George of Poděbrady, who was born in the castle around the year 1430. The park, the courtyard and the Gryspek Palace were brought to life by hundreds of visitors – many children gathered in the courtyard to take part in various workshops and games which were organised for them. The procession of the famous queen rode on horses through the castle for the first time in over five hundred years!

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