Return of Gutfreund’s sculpture to Škoda Palace roof

We continue searching for sponsors and donors in order to finance the replica of Gutfreund’s sculpture which used to be on the roof of the Škoda Palace in Jungmanova Street. A huge move forward was a receipt of the IP licence to reproduce the Škoda sign granted to us kindly by its owners – Škoda Works. Public and media started watching the space with interest! Important support events were art auctions organized in March and December in cooperation with Gallery Artinbox. Although we haven’t managed to secure the full amount needed, the events draw the attention of the donors and public to our endeavor. Have a look at the Czech TV24 report below.

Among the authors of the auctioned works were famous figures of the present and the past such as: Jiří Balcar, František Drtikol, Eva Fuka, Kurt Gebauer, Alexander Hackenschmied, Václav Chochola, Jan Lukas, Petr Nikl, Daniel Pešta, Lubos Full, Jaroslav Rossler, Jan Švankmajer, Jitka and Květa Válová, Anna Zemanková, Olbram Zoubek and others.

This December event was a great opportunity to buy an unconventional and special Christmas present – a painting, a graphic design or a beautiful photograph – and at the same time contribute to the crown of Škoda Palace. The post-auction sale continues until the end of January!

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