Gift from the Novotný family to support the return of Otto Gutfreund’s Winged Arrow back to the roof of the Škoda Palace in Prague

We have received a very generous gift of six drawings of the original design of the Winged Arrow sculpture by Otto Gutfreund, which used to adorn the roof of the Škoda Palace located in the Prague 1 district. The original sculpture was taken down in the 1960s by the communist regime and it, unfortunately, subsequently perished.

The Czech National Trust has been trying to produce a replica of this famous Prague landmark, which could be then returned to its original location where it belongs. Tomáš and Michal Novotný, relatives of Otto Gutfreund, have said that we can use these drawings in any way we wish in order to fund this CNT project. Several ideas are already at hand in terms of how to best to utilize this wonderful gift!

If you like the project and would like to support it, you can contribute online here.