A significant progress on our pilot project – Memorial to Marie von Ebner Eschenbach in Zdislavice: we are restoring the 19th century glasshouse and turning it into a volunteer & visitor centre 

We are restoring the abandoned and ruined 19th century glasshouse on the grounds of our pilot project site in Zdislavice, which we found when clearing the 5 acre park from 50 years’ worth of natural seeding and neglect.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all our volunteers. CNT would like to extend its special thanks to Mgr. A. Vít Lukas, CNT board member and architect who created the project plans for us pro bona in the spring, and to the owner of the neighboring Zdislavice chateau, who is also a CNT supporter and thanks to whom the glasshouse has been connected to the electricity and water network. We remain hopeful that we will be finally able to resume our international working holiday activities in 2021 and proceed with the project even further.

And what plans do we have with the glasshouse? We are planning to transform it into a Volunteer and Visitor Centre: a place for a cup of tea, a venue for a small concert, exhibition, lecture, Christmas party or any other type of cultural events … simply a place to meet the local community!

If you like this project, you can either come and help us in person as part of our volunteer activities or you can make a financial contribution online here.