Working Holiday in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem

This summer, seven British participants – all from different parts of England – met at the castle in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem. Although almost all ages were represented in the group – the youngest participant was seventeen – together with our local volunteers, we created a fantastic working team.

What did we do? We cleared the landing in the tower, moved an insane amount of sand there and began to lay dry the floor tiles. A third of the hallway is almost completed. We cleared out the large cellar of the former brewery, which leads to a medieval spiral staircase, scraped off layers of paint in the former offices and prepared the room for new plaster. We stacked the precious African wood in the cellar so that it breathe and no longer get damp. We continued to beautify the surface of the courtyard. Check out our videos for details!

But it wasn’t just work we enjoyed.

We visited the charming chateau in Březnice, got into the tower which boasts beautiful early Renaissance frescoes at the chateau in Blatná (not accessible to the public), listened to a small private concert in Jakub Jan Ryba’s church and found out how the ancient organ works. We also visited Nepomuk – the birthplace of John of Nepomuk and the local museum and then moved to the castle in Lnáře, where we obtained a recipe on how to turn a baroque building into a successful hotel. We also thoroughly explored the monastery and wonders of the Virgin Mary at the pilgrimage site on Svatá Hora in Příbram. We were in the hobnail museum and bathed in the Bezděkov quarry. But what did we like the most?

Mushrooms and mushroom picking. They grew and everyone found some! It was a whole new experience for most participants. In the evening, we all cleaned the piles of mushrooms together and had dinner for the next day. We also often grilled and cooked in the castle courtyard – rain surprised us only once but we hid under the castle gate. And last not least, we talked and brainstormed a lot – all the participants came up with great suggestions on how to proceed with the repair and use of the site in the future.

Vanessa, Angie, Pippa, Irina, Calum, Rossie, Robert – thank you very much! It was a great experience and an amazing time.

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