Chinese Pavilion Rescue

The Czech National Trust has made a contribution of 122 000 CZK to the rescue of the Chinese Pavilion, a construction built in the Romanticist architectural style in the 19th century, situated in a UNESCO site called Kroměříž Castle Garden. The sum is the proceeds from a public fund-raising campaign so far which the Czech National Trust organised in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute. Donations can be made via bank transfer to the transparent account with the ČSOB bank – the account number is 270472892 / 0300. The fund-raising campaign is still up and running, as the target amount to be raised is 700 000 CZK.

Thanks to the efforts of the Czech National Trust and other donors, the Chinese Pavilion will be safe this winter. The first phase of the rescue project has just finished and it consisted of two parts: a reparation of the island banks and a basic reconstruction of the wooden and metal structures. The total cost of the first phase of the rescue project was more than 250 000 CZK. We are immensely proud that the proceeds from our fund-raising campaign have covered almost half of this cost and we would like to use this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to all our donors!