Další brigáda v historické botanické zahradě v Bečově nad Teplou

In June, a well-coordinated team of CNT volunteer gardeners volunteered again in the historic botanical garden in Bečov – this time for two days. It is our heart affair! When we see how much work the local team does there every year, we can’t help it.

The garden offers full services for visitors, has a lot of play space, is a teaching and training center for children and youth, and tries to collect and preserve historic varieties of plants. All this are very worthy pursuits.

This year, a new rosarium has already blossomed – it is planted only with roses of the most successful Czech breeder, Jan Böhm, who bred dozens of them into today’s popular varieties.

We definitely recommend a visit – best together with a visit to the local castle and chateau and a visit to the reliquary of St. Mauro. Next to the spa centers, it is one of the most interesting places in Karlovy Vary region.