Restoration process of our second meteorological post is almost complete

We are just a few steps away from successfully completing the restoration process of the second CNT meteorological post in Prague, located in front of the Masaryk Railway Station at the very heart of the Prague 1 district. Once the remaining metal components are finally restored and as soon as the situation around Covid-19 allows, the meteorological post will be inaugurated by Penta CEO, who supported the project financially, by representatives of the CNT and the Neolokator group, who all worked very hard towards the successful completion of the project, and by the Mayor of Prague 1, who will take the post into their care afterwards.

In the meantime, please take a moment to watch the short programme about the project produced by Czech Television, which is available here. More information about the project can be found here and here.

The book “Povětrnostní Sloupy” about meteorological posts in the Czech Republic can be ordered via e-mail to It has been recently launched in the presence of the Czech Minister of the Environment.